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study mbbs in russia for indian students

Historically, studying MBBS In Russia Medical Colleges is one of the favourite option for Indian students. Currently more than 6000 Indian students are studying at various Russian Medical Universities. China and Russia were the popular destinations in the past(during 1990s) for Indian students because of the huge donation and tuition fees charged by private medical colleges in India. Even-though there are close to 70 medical universities listed by Medical Council of India(MCI), only few of them conduct their course in English. Students are advised to make sure that the medical college they choose in Russian Federation teaches using English medium of Instruction.

Why MBBS In Russia?

  • Most of the MCI Approved Russian Colleges are Government run Colleges.
  • MBBS tuition fees in Russia is less because the Russian Government provides education subsidy for students because of its bilateral relationship with India.
  • Direct Admission to Medical College – No Entrance exam to join Russian Medical Colleges.
  • 60+ Russian Medical Universities are listed by Medical Council of India and World Health Organisation. Indian student who study MBBS degree in Russia can practice in India.
  • Indian students are taught Russian Language so that they can communicate efficiently with Russian patients who visits the hospital during the clinical practice.
  • Most of the Russian Medical Universities that have good Indian student strength have Indian Canteen available in the hostel.
  • Indian students who have completed their MBBS in Russia are working in many countries such as  United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, etc
  • European Standard of Living
  • 100% Guaranteed Visa

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MBBS courses in Russia

The total medical course duration in all Russian Colleges is 6 years. The academic year in Russia starts in September and follows similar semester system like in India.

There are three types of MBBS courses in Russia based on the medium of teaching.

  • Type-1: Fully English Taught Medical Courses. Very Few MCI Listed Russian Colleges conduct full english courses.
  • Type-2: Bilingual Medical Courses. Most of the MCI Listed Russian Universities conduct first three years in English and subsequent three years in Russian language.
  • Type-3: Fully Russian Taught Medical Courses. All MCI Listed Russian Universities conducts six years course in Russian language.

MBBS In Russia Fees Structure

The total MBBS tution fees ranges between $20000 to $60000 for the complete course. Tuition fees of top Russian Universities teaching in English medium charge between $35000 to $60000 range and Russian Colleges teaching in bilingual courses charge between $20000 to $40000.

The tuition should be paid directly to the respective university annually. The first year fees would be high compared to the subsequent 5 years of study. For example, in Syktyvkar State University, the first year fees would be around $5000 and the next 5 year fees would be $3000 for every year.

High Quality Education

Russia is known for its healthcare facilities across the globe. It has the largest number of medical universities which teaches medicine for the past 150 years. Being the pioneer of medical education, most of the medical colleges have high standards of teaching. Lost of Indians choose to study MBBS in Russia because of its long history of its medical education.

About Russian Country

MBBS In Russia MapRussia is an European Country covering 17 lakh square kilometers. It is the world’s largest country with population of 150 million. The European(western) part of the Russian Federation is densely populated which is occupied by 77% of the Russian population. The capital city Moscow lies in this part of the region.The majority of the population is christian.

Russia has most number of physicians as well as hospitals compared to any other country in the world with respect to per capita basis. The Russian currency is called Ruble with almost same currency value of Indian Rupees. One Ruble = 1.08 Indian Rupees.

Climate in Russia

In general, the climate of most area of Russia can be described as subartic climate(cold climate) with warm summers and very cold winters.  The temperatures of -30°C and lower are recorded in most of Russia including heavy snowfall during peak winter months of December, January and February.

Popular Medical Colleges in Russia – English Medium

# Medical College Total Tuition Fees
1 Syktyvkar State Medical University $20000
2 Orenburg State Medical University $36000
3 Tver State Medical University $42000
4 Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University $46000
4 People’s Friendship University $54000

Medical Colleges in Russia Teaching Bilingual

Altai State Medical University
Perm State Medical University
Orenburg State Medical University
Kazan state medical university
Belgorod State University
I.M.Sechenov Ist Moscow State Medical University
Tver State Medical University
Bashkir State Medical University
Far Eastern Federal University
Kursk state medical University
Southern Federal University
Siberian State Medical University
Northern State Medical University
Pavlov Saint Petersburg State Medical University
Volgograd State University
OMSK State Medical University
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Kazan Federal University
Mari State University

How to Reach Russia

The main Russian airport is Sheremetyevo International Airport at Moscow. There are direct flights to Moscow from Delhi which takes about 7 hours journey. If your medical college lies in the western region of Russia, you need to take flights from Moscow to your destination state.

When does the academic year start for Russian Medical Colleges?

In most of the Russian medical universities, the academic year starts in September.

Are there any entrance exam to join medical course in Russia?

No. Unlike other western countries, there is no need to qualify exams like TOEFL, IELTS, etc. to get admission to MBBS course in Russia. There are no entrance exams in Russia as well to study MBBS in Russia. Indian students should have secured 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 12th board exam and qualified in NEET UG examination can apply to study in Russian Colleges.

Can I get job in Indian Government Hospitals after completing MBBS In Russia?

Yes. After your medical graduation, you need to clear the MCI screening test conducted by National Board of Examinations. MCI screening test(also called as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) is a licensure exam conducted by the NBE twice a year. There are no limits on the number of attempts for this exam.

Does Russian Medical Colleges/Universities provide coaching for MCI screening test?

None of the medical colleges in Russia provide MCI coaching. If you want to clear the MCI screening test in your first attempt, you need to take online coaching while you study the medical course in Russia.

When is the vacation period for students?

Indian students who study Medicine in Russia come back to India for vacation during July-August month. In case of emergency situations, students can get necessary permission to visit India.

What is duration of MBBS Course in Russia?

Duration of Medical degree in Russia is 6 years for English and Bilingual Program. Course duration is 7 years for Students who opt for MBBS in Russian Medium because it includes 1 year of Russian Language Training.