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MBBS In Philippines

Studying MBBS In Philippines Medical Colleges help students to clear the MCI screening test examination compared to other abroad destination. For the past 5 years, the number of Indian students who go to study MBBS In Philippines is on the rise. Currently more than 5000 Indian students are studying at various Philippines Medical Universities. There are many reasons for the popularity of Philippines in the recent past. China and Russia were the popular destinations in the past(during 1990s) for Indian students to avoid paying huge tuition fees to get Medical degree. But unfortunately, because of language problems and climatic differences many students could not clear the MCI screening test(FMGE). Because of this reason, abroad countries which have same climate and diseases like that of India have become popular destination for medical education.

Why MBBS In Philippines

  1. High Quality American Standard Medical Education
  2. Internationally Recognised Degree – WHO, MCI, USMLE
  3. Affordable Tuition Fees – Save 70% tuition fees compared to Indian Private Medical Colleges
  4. Affordable Living Cost – Hostel Accommodation and Food
  5. Third Largest English Speaking Country in the world
  6. Medium of Teaching is English
  7. CCTV secured Hostel for Boys and Girls Inside the College Campus
  8. Availability of Indian Food (Veg & Non-Veg)
  9.  Sub Tropical Climate similar to India
  10. High MCI passing rate because College Examinations are MCQ type like that of MCI Screening Test(FMGE)

Top 10 Reasons to Study in Philippines

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High Quality Medical Education – MCI Listed

Philippines Educational Institutions produce thousands of doctors every year to work in developed countries such as USA, UK and other European countries. It has more than 2000 higher educational institutions. The country has 40 medical colleges which produces more than 5000 doctors every year. According to Physician Statistics of America, one out of ten doctors/physicians working in USA completed their medical education from Philippines medical universities. Like Kerala in India, Philippines is the main supplier of healthcare professionals to western countries.

Medical Council of India has listed 39 medical colleges/Universities in Philippines for Indian students to study MBBS in Philippines. Some of the Top medical colleges in Philippines are University of Perpetual Help, Emilio Aguinaldo College, Davao Medical School Foundation, etc. All these 39 medical colleges in Philippines are approved by World Health Organisation.

Even-though MCI lists 39 Philippines Medical Colleges, only 36 colleges are approved by Commission on Higher Education (CHED) of Philippines, which is the highest educational authority in Philippines. Students and Parents should choose colleges which are both approved by CHED and listed by MCI to avoid problems.

Medical Course In Philippines – Similar to India

philippines mapThe undergraduate medical course in Philippines is called MD(Doctor of Medicine) because Philippines follows American standard of Education. India follows British standard of Education and the degree is called as MBBS. MD in Philippines is equivalent to doing MBBS course in India according to the Medical Council of India. The total duration of medical course in Philippines is 5.8 years.

Philippines follows 10 years of schooling instead of 10+2 years of school education like in Indian Education system. After 10th standard, Philippines students go for 4 year bachelor degree before enrolling into medical course. For Indian students who completed 2 years of science stream in school, credits are given such that this course duration reduces to 1.5 years. The first 18 months of the course is called Bachelor of Science in Psychology which builds the foundation for the medical program. The subsequent four years constitutes of core medicine as well as clinical medicine. The last year of the course is called clerkship which is same as what is called as internship in Indian Medical colleges. During the clerkship, students will practice is various departments of the hospital such as casualty, emergency, primary health centres,etc.

MD(MBBS) in Philippines Tuition Fees – Affordable

The total tuition fees for 5.8 years of medical course range between Rs 15 to 20 Lakhs  based on the Philippines medical college you are going to choose. High ranking colleges such as Emilio Aguinaldo College, University of Perpetual Help which are located close to the capital city, Manila will be close to 20 lakhs.

Colleges which are located in other islands such as UV Gullas, Brokenshire Medical College, charge total tuition fees close to Rs 15 lakhs. The yearly tuition fees would be high for the first year and will reduce from the second year onwards. For example, the first year fees would be Rs 7 lakhs/annum and for the remaining years, it would be Rs 2 lakhs/annum.

Living Cost In Philippines – Moderate

All Islands in Philippines has a low cost of living including the main island, Luzon where the capital city, Manila is located. There are few colleges such as University of Perpetual Help, Davao Medical School Foundation where Hostel facility and Indian Mess facility is available for Students. The approximate hostel fees is around Rs 8000/month and Indian Food costs Rs 5000/month. The monthly living expense will be between Rs 14000 to Rs 16000 per month.

Philippines Country Language – English

Even-though Filipino is the national language of the country, the official language of the country is English. More than 95% of the people in Philippines Speak English.  The third largest country in the world that speaks English is Philippines. Medical Universities in Philippines teach students fully in English. This helps Indian students to effectively diagnose patients during Clinical(clerkship) practice.

As Philippines is getting popular among Indian students because of these advantages of studying MD/MBBS In phillipines, many fraud admission agents are trying to loot money by cheating parents. Philippines embassy has given guidelines to find out fraud agents and guidelines to choose good Philippines medical university.

Every parent should read Advice by Indian Embassy to students seeking admission in Medical Colleges in Philippines, before deciding the medical college. If there are any doubts regarding Philippines Medical Colleges and guidelines given by Indian Embassy in Philippines, you can call 88077 44400 to get it clarified.

university of perpetual help philippines

UPHSD is located in Manila, the capital city of Philippines. More than 1000 Indian students are studying here.

Visa Requirements to study MBBS In Philippines

Indian Students who wish to study Medicine (MBBS) in Philippines are expected to stay in Philippines with student Visa. Only after student completes 18 years of age, Philippines Embassy in India grants student visa. Generally student travel with tourist visa and get it converted to student visa after they become 18 years. Students are recommended to get Special Study Permit(SSP) Visa if they are below 18 years. This Special Visa which is valid for six months needs to be renewed, till student reach 18 years of age. After they get the student visa, students can stay in this visa till they complete the medical course in Philippines. Read More on Visa Requirements for Medical Program in Philippines.If you need any clarifications in Visa procedure and guidelines, call helpline 8807744400 to get is clarified.

Entrance Tests for MD Course

After student successfully completes the pre-medicine course, they are expected to clear National Medical Admission Test (NMAT). This test covers Verbal, Reasoning, Quantitative under Part-I and covers Physics, Chemistry, and Biology under Part-II. Based on our experience, all Indian students who go to study MBBS in Philippines have cleared NMAT exam as they have three chances to clear during the pre-medicine course. Passing this exam ensures enrolment for MD (MBBS) Admission in Philippines medical colleges.

Top Medical Colleges in Philippines Approved by CHED and Listed in MCI

Can I be admitted to the medical course after I complete my 10+2 in India?

You should complete premedical course before entering into the MD program. This premedical course for Indian students would be around 1 year 8 months. During this time, you should qualify NMAT exam(get 40% percentile) which is mandatory to study MD program in any Philippines Medical college

What is the difference between MBBS in India and MD in Philippines

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery Course (MBBS) In India is equivalent to Doctor of Medicine course (MD) in Philippines. This medical course is recognized by MCI(Medical Council of India) as equivalent to MBBS degree in Indian Medical Colleges. All Indian students who complete MD course from Philippines are eligible to practice in Indian Hospitals after passing the MCI screening test.

After completing MD degree in Philippines, can I practice in Indian Hospitals?

After completing the MD degree from Philippines Medical Colleges, Indian students need to clear Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) (also called as MCI screening test) to start the medical practice in any hospital in India. If students want to study post graduation medical courses, they should pass this exam before appearing for the NEET PG examination.

MBBS Admission in Philippines Procedure

  1. Qualify NEET UG Examination
  2. Choose Top Medical college in Philippines based on your budget
  3. Fill Application Form for the chosen university
  4. Get Admission Acceptance Letter from the University – Red Ribbon Process
  5. Students deposits tuition fee in the university Bank account directly
  6. Apply for Philippine Visa
  7. After getting visa, travel few days before the course begins.

We help students to select best medical college in Philippines and provide assistance for application filling, college selection, getting acceptance letter, getting Philippines Visa and travel. If you have any questions, call 88077 44400.

University of Perpetual Help is one of the best university for Indian students to fulfill their dream. I am currently studying MBBS In Philippines. Infact, I’m a student of the university of Perpetual help system DALTA and I take this opportunity to thank Fence education consultancy for their support

– Sankar, UPHSD 2nd MD, Philippines

UPHSD university is autonomous university and MCI &WHO recognise this university.  I am happy that I choose university of perpetual help instead of another medical college which I my friend suggested. If you are looking to get MBBS Admission in Philippines, contact Fence Education. Their counsellors have great expertise and most importantly trustworthy.
Akshya PreMedicine Student