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Fence Education Academy

Fence Education Academy started is started in the year 2006 as educational consultant company to provide career guidance to Higher secondary students for engineering and medical programs. It is one  of the leading overseas education partner for University of Perpetual Help system DALTA, Philippines. More than 500 Indian students are currently studying in this university which teaches from Kinder Garden to all specialisations including medicine. 

Why Fence Education Academy?

Fence Education Academy has provided career guidance to 17 Lakh Indian students through various channels such as Education Fair, facebook, youtube, etc. Fence Education Academy has helped more than 12000 students to become a doctor in Indian government colleges, private colleges and abroad medical colleges.  They are leading consultants to study MBBS In Philippines. The expertise it has gained over a period of time uniquely positions Fence Education for those who are interested to choose medical field.

Which college Fence Education Academy provides Admission guidance?

FENCE EDUCATION ACADEMY is an exclusive recruitment partner for south Indian states such as Tamilnadu, Puducherry, Karnataka & Kerala from India for the UNIVERSITY OF PERPETUAL HELP SYSTEM DALTA medical college in Philippines. 

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58 thoughts on “Fence Education Academy Consultancy”

  1. I am very very happy here to convey my regards. Really FENCE EDUCATION fulfill my dreams. I was confused and worried after my NEET Result, one a I got call from FENCE EDUCATION. One of Staff clearly explained about Philippines Country, University, Courses and facilities. Really it was very useful and confirmed to go Philippines at that moment itself.
    After my Admission confirmation they did all the process. Just I submit the document only. All others works are done by them only. After reaching Philippines I was surprised, what they told me at the time of admission. That all things are in front my eyes. Really Great.

  2. I have enquired for my brother to join medicine in philippines through many consultancies finally I stick with Fence Education consultancy. I was completely satisfied with your service. Thanks for your guidance and support. Now my daughter is studying safely and peacefully in philippines at University of Perpetual. Thanks for providing safe hostel and healthy food. Continue your service. I will suggest Fence education to any student those who are willing to study medicine in philippines

  3. My brother dreams of becoming a doctor were quite impossible in India only because of tough entrance exam system for Govt Medical Colleges and huge amount of donation system for Private Medical Colleges.
    But fence education consultancy helped me to fulfill my dream to be a Doctor. Now I am a student of MBBS of perpetual Medical university,
    which is an International platform of quality Medicine study. Thanks to fence education academy consultancy

  4. I thank you and all the staff members of whole FENCE education academy consultancy for making things possible for me.I am grateful for your hard work and I wish you and your organisation lots of success. Happy to recommend to other students.

  5. I am very thankful to FENCE EDUCATION ACADEMY CUNSULTANCY for helping me to realize the dream in studying medicine to become a doctor.
    You all made my dream come true and also my parent’s dream too comes true as they always want me to become a Doctor.
    I wish your greater success in the future and continue your great service.
    FENCE EDUCATION consultancy is a great place to contact for right directions for studying abroad.
    They have extraordinary people who have a right attitude to deal with both the students and their parents.
    The staffs have great patience to answer each and every queries which gives a great confident to us and it also reduce the anxiety of both the students and the parents.
    Highly recommended one.

  6. I am proud to be a PERPETUAL and FENCE student
    And am very thankful to FENCE EDUCATION for helping me to realize the dream in studying medicine to become a doctor.
    This college Education,teaching,teachers and every professors & doctors they are so amazing, they treating students like so good and motivate them to achieve their success It has a such a beautiful environment, the teachings are so good and it is in English too which makes us easy to understand. There are hostels with good facilities, Indian food is available, and the climate too is very comfortable.
    On campus accommodation for international students is available. Hostel rooms have attached bathrooms, with single, double or triple beds.
    Many Hostels in Philippines provide north Indian as well as south Indian dishes. Students can avail vegetarian or non-vegetarian food based on their preference. Universities do not allow students to cook their food in room or in their (Hostel)dormitories. Students who hire apartments outside can cook at apartments. Facilities for laundry, personal care are available within the campus. For female students, universities have separate hostel facilities.

    Thank you FENCE EDUCATION for your wonderful Services……

  7. It’s a wonderful place to study
    Philippines climatic season is similar to that of tropical climate in India.
    Cost of living is very cheap for students who study in Philippines compared to students in western and other Asian countries. Although it is hard to be exact in making the estimate of the student’s cost of living in the Philippines, based on our alumni students experience, rough estimation is given as guidance.
    Initially I was afraid to leave my home and my parents due to home sick, but now I am in Philippines doing my MD (MBBS) program in UPHSD. It’s because I stay here in a good environment inside the campus and very good quality of food provided in our canteen.
    I am very happy here in University of Perpetual Help. Fence Education Consultancy is doing a very good service to Indian students.
    Thanks for providing me this opportunity.

  8. Fence education consultancy helped me to acheive my dreams ….studying medicine is great desire but in India we don’t get enough opportunities to reach our dream …
    I’m very happy that I have joined here n studying in a disciplined manner …..fence education consultancy helped to acheive my dreams ….I feel very safe n secure here …our agents are also very helpful to us …food climate and education is as similar as India …n I’m feeling happy n satisfied after joining here

  9. It was a great experience with “Fence Education”
    I’m very happy studying in University of Perpetual Help System Delta, Philippines and which is because of “Fence Education”. I got my admission & visa for Philippines, and it was all made possible because of the effort of my counselor.Studying medicine in Philippines is the best option for Indian student because of its favorable weather which is similar to India and also the people here communicate in English so it becomes easy for the student to adjust easily. And I am really thankful to FENCE EDUCATION who helped me throughout this process and guided me to the right path

  10. In my 12th standard exams, I had Scored 1107 marks, but I was not able to get Medical seat in India. At that time I come to know about Fence Education, and I approached them. Once they come to know about my marks, immediately they said you got admission in Perpetual University in Philippines. Really I was happy to hear that word and became enthusiastic. I informed my parents and joined UPHSD. Now I am a Medical student here in UPHSD. I will always be thankful to Fence for this opportunity.

  11. Now I’m studying in Philippines.Philippines is one of the best place for students who want to study abroad at affordable prices and high qualities. Philippines is a English speaking country so communication is very easy. Language of coaching is also in English. At the same time living cost is extremely low and safe . We can stay in dormitory which is inside the campus. Philippines climatic season is similar to that of tropical climate in India. Hostels in University and college campus serves international canteen for both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Fence gives affordable fees structure and helping everyone. Thanks you FENCE EDUCATION ACADEMY CONSULTANCY for this wonderful service🖤

  12. Fence education academy consultancy help me in joining in UPHSD in Philippines ,one of the best college in abroad to study medicine. They provide everything a student need in abroad and helps in every way and creat a safe and secure environment to study.

  13. I have been searching the details of abroad medical studies for my sister, she 12th completed… This page is very useful to me, i got more information than i thought and i wish to contact you to about the admission details. Thank you

  14. Fence is a great place to learn as well as to experience a real business environment with real-time tasks which bring out the real characters of a budding manager. The infrastructure is good. The faculties have a great research and analysis experience which helps us to enrich our knowledge enormously.thanks to fence education academy consultancy

  15. Fence is an Excellent Consultancy Philippines Having similar climate like India, patients would have similar disease spectrum as in India. This would help students to compete with local medical students in India to excel in their profession when they start their practice in India. Like in Indian Government Medical colleges, Philippines medical universities are the best among offering good hand-on clinical practice to students. Being catholic christian dominated country, abortion is banned in Philippines by law. This leads to high number of deliveries, resulting in improved hands-on during clinical practice for medical students.On campus accommodation for international students is available. Hostel rooms have attached bathrooms, with single, double or triple beds. Students can choose AC or non AC rooms based on their preference. PERPETUAL have ‘little India’ inside their campus…Some have ‘little #Tamilnadu’ too.

  16. Fence provides an extrodinary hostel facility. They provide wifi connection and many more. They have specific staff to manage hostel students if we have any query at any we can ask the staff for the solution they are more reliable and much more responsible so we feel like we are studying from home
    Thanks Fence Education Academy 🙏💕

  17. Fence Education Academy is the one of the best overseas education academy in Chennai. It’s my pleasure to thank Fence Education and Mr. Gunasekaran Sir who had given the good guidance for my son MBBS Study in Philippines. Since i had approached many academies in Chennai but they weren’t given the perfect guidance, After that I choose Fence Education…As the positive approaches and excellent guidance were given by the team, I could annihilate every critical moment till his arrival in Philippines. Not only they spends more time with students but also understand those aspiration and gives the best result…Thanks you Fence Medical Education…Best of luck..

  18. I’m sankar, Thanks to fence education for making students dreams comes true.fence give Indian students Great service for the entire part in Philippines mbbs studies. They provide me as an admission, visa process, travel, food, accommodation and all what we need.thanks to fence education academy consultancy

  19. It’s a best consultancy. The will take care of all the formalities required. Their’s tight security all the day. Good staff and matrons. They help in everything we need. Now I am studying in Philippines. Thank you to the fence consultancy.

  20. Fence education academy consultancy provides a safe and secure environment inside the dormitory. All matrons here r vry helpful nd kind. We are provided with out basic needs even in the time of this lock down. We feel safe being inside our dormitory. Tq fence for supporting us and making our dream come true

  21. I am very thankful to FENCE EDUCATION for helping me to realize the dream in studying medicine to become a doctor.
    You all made my dream come true and also my parent’s dream too comes true as they always want me to become a Doctor.
    I wish your greater success in the future and continue your great service.
    FENCE EDUCATION consultancy is a great place to contact for right directions for studying abroad.
    They have extraordinary people who have a right attitude to deal with both the students and their parents.
    The staffs have great patience to answer each and every queries which gives a great confident to us and it also reduce the anxiety of both the students and the parents.
    Highly recommended one.

  22. It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my MD perpetual university in philippines
    the relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest.
    It all started with fence education consultancy is pleasure.

  23. Fence educational academy is an excellent education consultancy they help us for admission process and other formalities to enter the perpetual University for doing MD program. Perpetual University is very student friendly adapting world class standards in producing quality medical professionals.

  24. It was a wonderful experience from the FENCE education consultants, they helped me a lot on my study program in Philippines. FENCE give me the right counselling, helped me to select a great university, and on my visa process. ”

  25. Becoming a doctor is my goal and it becomes true by fence education academy consultant. They made lot of facilities and friendly with us. It’s not only my dream and my family’s dream they made it true thanks to fence educational academy consultancy

  26. One of the top Philippines university namely University of perpetual offers medical courses which are generally of 6 years of duration and might cost low. The cost is way less than that of MBBS programmes in private universities of India.studying in lowest fees structure for university of perpetual delta system.

  27. university of perpetual helps system delta holds 1st place in Philippine Physician Licensure Exam . safety and security of student .thanks to fence education academy consultancy

  28. English is the official language in the Philippines. No new language is needed to be learnt. Time is spent on medical education and not on language. 94% of the population speak English. Students converse with patients fluently- unlike in non-English speaking countries. Teachers speak good English and can explain well to students – no communication problems in philippines .esily understand for indian student

  29. university of perpetual helps system delta in pilippines and indian climate is same , the disease are also same and therefore, the students are taught about same /similar diseases which are found in India. This means that the students learns about more relevant indian student was no fear studying in abroad

  30. Fence provides a wonderful opportunity for middle class people to achieve their goals. Usually some people may think students from Tamil medium do not anything and they are unfit. But really they are proving themselves in every field. There is no partiality between Tamil medium or English medium students. thanks to fence education academy

  31. yours visited site to fence education academy From you we come to know the facilities and support provided by fence for the Indian medical students in Philippines. collected to fence academy and abroad medicine details .acheived the goals

  32. After having decided to do my medical studies in abroad ,I’ve gone through many consulting agencies…
    among all I found fence consultancy is the best as they were very Frank with the fee structures .
    They suggested me perpetual University,one among the best universities in manila.
    Fence have provided the entire service from applying the college till the end of the course.

  33. university of perpetual helps system delta location is nearest airport,student stayed hostal fecilities comfortable room in 4 students fully air conditioner and CCTV security ,fully safety mesurments also best accomodation service.indian food fecilities features of abroad medical colleges.

  34. University of Perpetual Help System DALTA, Manila, Philippines Management and trained Staffs. This UPHSD is the fourth biggest university in their country. They are following American Educational system which is helpful for the USMLE preparation. Once again Many Many thanks to Fence Education .university of perpetual help system delta is recogniced university

  35. university of perpetual helps system deltaEducation standard is EXCELLENT .University of Perpetual Help (UPH), Las Pinas campus is on four hectares with offices, lecture halls, anatomy dissection laboratory, animal research laboratory, library, hostel, canteens, play grounds and hospital located in campus. Lecture halls are equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities and are air-conditioned.

    jagadeesan vasu

  36. The Philippines has a tropical maritime climate which is similar to india. The average temperature is around 26.6° C. The temperature does not go below 0 ever in the Philippines. This means that the students do not have to adjust to the climate which will have to if they go to Europe. This leads to another advantage.

  37. When you check MBBS in Philippines review, you can see that about 8000 foreign students are admitted in MBBS every year. The standard of education by these medical universities in Philippines is on par with global standards.

  38. Darar thousands of Indian students studying in Perpetual University in Philippines.
    Since last 25 years the anniversary of perpetual for MBBS.
    There is a constant flow of Indian students in Philippines on a a huge scale.
    The MBBS syllabus followed by perpetual University is suitable for Indians.
    Perpetual University follows US basis syllabus.

  39. university of perpetual helps system delta They are very systematic in guiding me thoroughly at every step from course admission to till the end. MBBS at a very low cost I suggest to go with university of perpetual, Philippines through their consultant Fence education, for their professional guidance and meticulous admission procedure. Thanks to fence education to fulfill my dream to become a doctor.thanks to fence education acdemy

  40. university of perpetual helps system delta in pilippines the exam structure is written, oral and practical. You will be tested on what you learned throughout the year in the format of written essay exams. Sometimes you’ll be tested on what you wrote down via an oral exam with your professor. The Prof will ask you questions to check that what you wrote is your own knowledge. Of course medical school also involves clinical knowledge. When it comes to clinics in the later years, you are examined by performing a diagnosis or procedure on a patient in the hospital. The regular practicals carried out immensely builds up the student’s confidence in clinical settings.

  41. university of perpetual helps system delta in philippines studying MBBS at an affordable cost- Students who want to study MBBS in philippines can get the best quality education at an affordable fee of 15-25 Lakhs INR.
    No Donation or Capitation Fee is required- To seek admission in any Indian Medical University parents have to pay a huge amount of donation or capitation fee excluding the yearly tuition fee. This is not the case in the Top Medical Universities philippines. . don’t accept any capitation fee or donation fee.
    No entrance test is required to seek Admission- For MBBS in philippines, students need to secure a minimum of 65% in their 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. fence education academy consultancy is provides quality education for medicine

  42. university of perpetual helps system delta in philippines provides extremely low cost of living- This factor is highly dependent on the lifestyle of the student. The majority of foreign countries who are offering MBBS in philippines , where the cost of living is extremely low.
    Best World Class Infrastructure- Medical universities of philippines offer world class Infrastructure with all the latest equipment.
    Opportunity to get great International Exposure- Students will get the chance to meet the students coming from different countries, ethnicity, and background in the Top Medical Universities philippines. This exposure will be of great help for all the students trying to settle in a new country.
    English Taught Programs- Medical universities of Abroad use the English language as the medium of education. It’s not mandatory for students to learn the local language of the country to study MBBS in that country. However, it is beneficial for the students and assists them in their holistic development.
    Availability of Hostel- All the medical universities of philippines provides comfortable and cosy hostel accommodation to all its international students. Indian students will be happy to know that the majority of medical universities Abroad, offer Indian food too .thanks again to fence education acdemy

  43. fence education academy consatancy provides university of perpetual helps system delta is standared medical course in Philippines is called the MD program [Doctor of medicine]. The MD program is equivalent to MBBS of UK, India, Pakistan and other Commonwealth countries. This degree comprises of medical theory, practicals and clinical rotation giving a better exposure to the students. The degrees obtained from medical universities in Philippines are recognized by World Health Organization and Medical Council of India.

    Philippines is one the countries known for providing a quality education in medicine like MBBS, MD etc. The higher level of practical sessions and experienced teaching staff in Medical colleges of Philippines has gained significant popularity around the world. The infrastructure of the medical universities, the curriculum and atmosphere in the colleges of Philippines makes it a preferred location of education for international students. The cost of the complete MBBS course in Philippines is much lower as compared to other countries.

    The medical universities are approved by the Medical Council of India(MCI) and WHO. The medium of teaching is English which breaks the major barrier of communication for international students. The calculations say that the students who have completed MBBS, MD courses from Philippines are known to have 100% success rate, in the region under USMLE.

  44. university of perpetual helps system delta in Philippines offers high quality education with a safe environment to the international students. The fees is very low as compared to many countries. The degree in medical obtained from Philippines is accepted globally. This helps the students to get a job in any part of the world.

    The academic calendar starts in June and ends in March. There are two semesters in each academic year, one from June to October and the other from November to March. The language of instruction is English which makes it a favorable place for many international students. The infrastructure of the medical colleges is much superior in terms of staff, equipments and technology.

    The students are given hands on training and practical clinical rounds which helps in their overall growth as a doctor. The students from India are eligible to take MCI screening exam after they complete their medical degree from a medical college in Philippines. The MBBS or MD degree from a college in Philippines is recognized by WHO and MCI.fence education academy provides the lowest fees medicine for indian students

  45. Medical colleges are mushrooming everywhere, inside India and internationally, and not all of them are recognised. It is essential to thoroughly research any medical college you are considering to apply to, so that you can verify its recognition in its own country and in India. Visit the Medical Council of India website to confirm if the college you’re interested in is recognised by the MCI. Also, check that your prospective medical school is recognised by WHO (World Health Organisation). A degree from an unrecognised institute will most likely not be of any use in your of perpetual helps system delta is recognised by WHO

  46. If you complete your MBBS degree outside of India, you will be required to pass the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) screening test in order to register with the MCI or any state medical council and practice medicine in India. The test is conducted twice a year by the National Board of Examinations for Indian nationals and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI). FMGE is based on the MBBS curriculum and you need to score 65 percent marks to qualify for university of perpetual helps system delta

  47. Medical education has been amongst the most lucrative choice career for students both in India and abroad. Afterall it has been called as one of the prominent career options towards healthier society and requires a lot of preparation and extreme planning.

    Let’s look at this scenario. Last year in 2019, 11 Lakhs students gave the NEET (The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) entrance exam. Out of which approx 6 Lakhs students cleared the exam.

    And if you see the statistics below, you will see that at approx 6 Lakhs students, only 51,000 seats are available.

    Could you imagine? Every year Lakhs of students choose the medical field but due to unavailability of Government or private college seats, they stop leaving their dream of becoming the best doctor.This scenario is going for years and years. Therefore, some of the students started choosing MBBS dream abroad. There are famous countries like philippines in university of perpetual helps system delta is recognised university for WHO .best accomodation and food fecilities etc.

  48. fence education academy consaltancy .We are confident that the MBBS universities recommended by us can play a vital role as far as providing a solid foundation about the Medical sciences establishment, is concerned.

    About fence education Academy indian student doctor Dreams offer overseas educational consulting service for who are interested to study medicine in , Philippines, . fence education academy was founded on 2006 and has fulfilled dreams of more than 1000 students studying in UPHSD.

    Overseas education has always been a stiff process for Indian students. Identifying the ideal Course, College, University and the Country is a difficult task. We at fence education help you decide the course along with the college and the best country that fits your budget.

  49. university of perpetual helps system delta in Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines is a Southeast Asia country which has a rich mixed culture of Eastern and Western cultures. Do you know? Philippines is a collection of around 7,641 islands. Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. The other popular city is Quezon City. Philippines has a literacy rate of 95.6%. That said, 95.1% of literacy rate for males and for females it stands at 96.1%. Along with this the functional literacy rate of 86.45%.

    Philippines is one of the top destinations for Indian students who are willing to study MBBS overseas. China being the number one destination. However, admissions for China closes in mid August and Neet results will be online from June. Therefore, the Philippines is the ideal one for students who have missed or whose processing is delayed.

    Additionally, similar to China most of the universities in the philippines has a world wide recognition. so indian student mostly selected medicine for philippines .Thanks to fence education academy.

  50. UPHSD university of philippines follow US pattern study .It is a well known fact that the Philippines was colonized by Americans for more than 50 years. This has greater impact on the culture and the education system in the Philippines. Additionally, the Philippines is the 4th largest english speaking country. As a result of all of this Philippines has a high quality of education and most of the Universities of the Philippines follow US pattern of study.
    Unlike India, a student need not pay a donation fee in order to enroll for a medical admission in china. This saves a lot of money for the parents which can then be used in a productive way.
    The total number of years that takes for the completion of the course is 6 years. Out of which 5 is for class room and standard education in college and 1 year of internship in hospital. Therefore, it is prerogative for every student to find a quality hospital for internship.

    Philippines being the 13th largest populated country has a lot of hospitals and patients which can help a student to get a quality practice.
    UPHSD university is recognised WHO

  51. FENCE EDUCATION ACADEMY . Fecilities University of perpetual helps system delta motto is “Character Building is Nation Building”. private and catholic type of university.UPHSD is Established February 5, 1975.Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP). more then 1500 experience and trained staffs .overall campuses in 18500 students. and extrardinary sports activities in UPHSD IN PHILIPPINES

  52. Philippines is one of the most lucrative options for MBBS in abroad for Indian students at low cost. It is favorable as it follows the American format of teaching. English as the language of teaching further adds to the benefits.

    Philippines is the country with a maximum number of Indian graduates clearing the MCI Screening Test. Between 2012-14, 25% (approx.) of MBBS Indian graduates cracked the MCI Screening Test.

    Pursuing MBBS from the Philippines will cost around 25 lacs (including all the costs), which is 75% less than pursuing MBBS from Indian private medical college.

    Following medical institutions can be chosen by the MBBS aspirants

  53. fence eduction academy consaltancy now a days admision going on .
    Admission Procedure of philippines MBBS University of perpetual helps system delta.
    If you meet up the complete set of eligibility criteria, congratulations! Now you can submit your application form for MBBS Course in philippines and reserve your seat. Follow the guidebook to attaining information of admission criteria, as notified down-below –

  54. Studying MBBS is a very keen and often sentimental matter, in India. Each and every student aspiring to be a doctor had to undergo a lot of hurdles in achieving and completing it.

    India is a big country, being the second most populous country in the world. India can be divided into urban, semi-urban and rural sectors in view of its infrastructure and township.

    The amount of seats in India, compared to its aspirants is very limited, this makes studying MBBS philippines very vital. There is a lot of information to be gathered while embarking on it.

    Most of the students sacrifice their ambition when they face hurdles. But that, in the long run, creates a big disappointment in them, the reason being YOU HAVE ONLY ONE CHANCE TO DREAM. study to doctor of medicine good guidence of fence education academy .achive the goal for all student

  55. Our students career and course are closely knitted to each other. Students aspiring to be a doctor should be filled with the burning desire to achieve it.

    “A NEVER SAY DIE “attitude should be the watchword of every medical aspirant which they should carry forward in them. They should be responsible to take up the challenge of becoming a doctor.

    Always choose a positive environment while planning out your educational personal motivater of fence education academy

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